It's kind of amazing how much a hairstyle can come to define someone.

Patrick Swayze, Billy Ray Cyrus, Elvis, even Donald Trump became instantly recognisable, thanks to their hair. In the case of Patrick Swayze and Billy Ray Cyrus, it was merely a case of the era whereas with Donald Trump, it's because he actually is a dumbass who had surgery on his head to cover balding.

Joe Keery from 'Stranger Things', however, doesn't have that problem. You only need to look at that show to know that the glorious mane of hair that he sports is not only real, but so finely tuned to the '80s that it's kind of impressive. Now that the show is over for another year, he clearly doesn't need to keep the hairstyle.

After all, some actors feel like they can be typecast by their hair. Kit Harington, for example, vowed to slice off his hair when 'Game of Thrones' finished, though it appears as though he hasn't. Joe Keery, however, made no such announcements. He just went out and did it.

The results? It's hard to say. Maybe it's because we're a little behind on the fashion scene and what's hot that we don't get what's going on here.

This, to us anyway, has very strong 1998-1999 Primary School photos energy. Put this haircut on a pudgy-faced child in rural Ireland with a grey-green school uniform and it makes sense. Put this haircut on an upcoming actor in the middle of Los Angeles, and it's... a lot to take in.