Although you might immediately associate Joe Keery with '80s power ballads and 'Stranger Things', his own music is markedly different.

As well as doing the whole acting thing, Keery has a side hustle as a musician, and has released a new single under the moniker, Djo. The first single, 'Roddy', was released this week on Spotify and YouTube and, quite honestly, it's not half bad.

Again, the expectation when you hear that Steve from 'Stranger Things' is releasing music is that it's going to be something like David Hasselhoff's 'True Survivor', or even Eddie Murphy's 'Party All The Time' - both of which are fantastic, by the way.

Instead, 'Roddy' sounds more like a trippy bit of psychedelic pop with a neat little hook and not at all what you'd immediately think would work for someone like Joe Keery. As it turns out, he has plenty of form in the area. Before they released their debut album, Keery was a member of psych-rock band Post Animal.

Here's the track.