As of yesterday, Jennifer Aniston has joined Instagram. But she isn't quite sure why she did it and she doesn't really get how the whole thing works.

The 'Friends' alum appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about her new series 'The Morning Show', which she will star in alongside Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

But first, Kimmel wanted to ask her about joining the social media platform.

Jennifer Aniston broke the Guinness World Record for getting her huge amount of followers so quickly.

The actress described Instagram as "crazy", calling herself "the most reluctant person to join Instagram."

On being asked why she joined, she answered "I don't know," and teased that she's "building content."

She also spoke of the app's flaws: "You know what's frustrating? When you get a text alert, and you think 'Oh, I've got a text', and you see there's nothing here. It's just someone has put like a little heart or exclamation point or thumbs up or thumbs down on somebody's something. And you're like, you really couldn't just write a heart?

"And then you have to search through to figure out who left that heart or thumbs up or thumbs down. Takes way more time than just actually writing to what the person said. Just lazy."

Welcome to the modern world, Jennifer.