Jeff Bridges has shared an update with his fans after being diagnosed with lymphoma. Thankfully, the news is positive.

On his official website, Jeff Bridges writes that on January 6th he went in for a CAT scan and found that his tumor had drastically shrunk.

The actor said he was "elated" with the news.

He added that he then turned on the TV and saw the recent events at the Capitol.

"To see my own country attaching itself broke my heart," he writes. "A question rose in me - what's an individual to do in a situation like this? My mentor, Rozzell Sykes, came to mind. His mantra was BE LOVE."

Bridges also shared news on Twitter.

He wrote that he's "feeling good", that he "shaved his head", "got a puppy [named] Monty" and "had a birthday - 71, man."

Jeff Bridges revealed his lymphoma diagnosis last October.