Less than a week into 2021, we've had one of the most chaotic and shocking events of the year as pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

CNN reporter Donie O'Sullivan was there at the scene last night and ended up being a topic trending topic on Twitter in Ireland.

The Irish journalist earned immense praise for his report of the events. He delivered a calm and informative report, at one point he noting that he had heard one of the protesters say "next time we’re coming back with rifles."

The reporter highlighted the damaging effects of conspiracy theories and hate speech in his TV segment.

"We're seeing the results of that play out on the streets in our nation's Capitol today," he said. "We're beyond the fact that in 2016, we heard about Russian trolls, and people tried to write off anything about social media saying it's only a few Facebook posts, what harm? Well, here's the harm.

"The harm of conspiracy theories, the harm of lies, the harm of people living in these online and Trump media echo chambers where they're so deluded they can't get to grips with reality and that Joe Biden will soon be President."

Those singing his praises online included 'Wolfwalkers' writer Will Collins and comedian Dara Ó Briain.


Donie for his part said that he was "overwhelmed by all the support from Ireland tonight."