I wonder when Jedward will cease being cute and commence with just being plain old weird. Most likely when the looks start fading... Again, lap it up boys, you have about 20 years before you start being gawped at during film festivals for all the wrong reasons.

Cementing their sideshow future somewhat prematurely, they've only announced they've flittered away approximately €25k on "memorabilia" which they bought over the hinterbox. The Sun reports:

"X Factor stars Jedward, real names John and Edward Grimes, went with no sleep for two nights while bidding on China-based icons auction Legends. Edward said: 'It's really good stuff - nobody else in the world has it. We bought a Britney Spears suit she wore in a Pepsi commercial. We've got a signed, limited-edition Michael Jackson doll and a signed bedsheet of his also signed by Macaulay Culkin. We also bought some outfits from Batman, like The Riddler's, and some clown thing."

Seemingly, the duo are planning on sporting some of their haul when performing onstage... They didn't specify which Britney Pepsi advert outfit they bought (she wore 7 in one ad), but we can only hope it's the pink lame dress from 1963. Or the swimsuit. Or the boob tube and fringed crotch attachment from the mid-noughties. Who cares though - one of them is going to be wriggling into a green bodysuit covered in question marks so that's enough entertainment for me.

And you thought I was going to make a meal out of the Michael Jackson bedsheet signed by Macaulay Culkin thingy... Too easy.