During a global pandemic, thousands of people have taken to streets across the world to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

And one familiar Irish pair who took to the streets over the weekend were 'X-Factor' contestants John and Edward Grimes. Dublin natives Jedward joined the Black Lives Matter march on Monday, uploading videos of themselves wearing face masks and holding a "Black Lives Matter" sign, all while walking through the streets of Hollywood and on top of a moving car.

The pair are currently in self-isolation with their pal Tara Reid in California, having joined the actress after she extended the invitation to the singers.

Here are the videos that the twins uploaded to their Twitter account, where they can be heard chanting "No Justice, No Peace!"

In Ireland on Monday, people marched the streets of Dublin until they reached the American Embassy in Ballsbridge. Organisers didn't anticipate the thousands of people who showed up on the day, when socially distancing measures are still in place across the country .

Irish rapper JYellowL, who spoke during the march, said that he will be self-isolating for two weeks following the protest and that everyone who was in Dublin that day should also do the same.  You can read his full statement here.