Can you believe it's been a year since 2010's Dressed To Kilt charidee fayshion shew?  2011's turn out wasn't nearly as well attended or titillating (Joan Jett last year, anybody?)

OK, so this time around we have Kiefer Sutherland, Chris Noth and Jason Patrick strutting down the catwalk, but none of them displayed the gleeful gusto of Kyle McLachlan last year.

This year, there was no sense of ceremony, despite having a real proper Scott in the form of Billy Connolly to propel down the runway... but they even got that wrong. Why put the Big Yin in what looks like an adequate spring/summer smart casual office skirt from Next? To be fair, coupling it with a denim jacket was probably Billy's idea.

Unlike last year, we're not being treated to Mike Myer's sweaty highland fling; borderline sexual harassment; excited fiddling and star jumps; whisky chugging; rapturous dipping; bike hiking; decent housekeeping; or curtain swaddling.

No, this year, we just got the handsome topless man dressed as a cowboy; Katrina Bowden pulling a strop until she was allowed to walk in a very Scottish Jetson-inspired lurid pink mini; oh, and an eye full on bum crack and pixelated under scrote... Thank you, Jason Patrick and Chris Noth... I think.