In an interview with NME, O'Donnell talks about her role in upcoming Channel 4 prison drama 'Screw', looking forward to the last season of 'Derry Girls' and what the future holds for her.

While there are many special moments across the series over the last two seasons, O'Donnell points to a specifically poignant scene at the end of season one as her favourite. While the gang are choreographing a dance routine during the school’s talent contest, the scene shifts to the news coverage of the 1998 Omagh bombing as the families watch from their homes.

"From what I understand that was what it was like for older and younger generations on both sides," she says. "To be a part of that scene was so special to me."

O'Donnell is coy about the goings-on in the final season of the hit show. However, she does mention that the main characters all become more mature.

"I think that it’s nice to note that we are growing up slightly, it’s a nice thing to end on. Of course, there’s still loads of absolute madness."

A change she's noted over her brief acting career so far is the approach to her strong Derry accent.

"When I was coming up as an actor, even when I was going to Irish roles, I was advised to pick a different accent because mine was so strong. It made me sad because in my head I [thought I] wasn’t good enough."

But now, she says she is encouraged to keep her twang, even in non-Irish programmes.

Her new show 'Screw' airs tonight, January 6, on Channel 4.

She also appears in upcoming Irish horror movie 'Unwelcome', directed by Jon Wright.