Jack Whitehall and Piers Morgan came face to face for the first time since the BRIT Awards debacle - and it got awkward.

If you'll remember a few weeks ago, during the BRIT Awards, host Jack Whitehall interviewed Little Mix. The girl group had had run-ins with Piers Morgan in the past, and Whitehall just couldn't help himself from asking them about the 'Good Morning Britain' presenter. The interview didn't go well, and ended up with Whitehall "fat shaming" Morgan.

Yesterday morning on ITV's breakfast show 'GMB,' Whitehall and Morgan came face-to-face for the first time since the incident. Whitehall appears quite embarrassed, saying "I feel like I've been brought into the headmaster's office."

As well as this zinger:

Morgan spouts that "in this country, people don't like you criticising a national treasure;" while Whitehall quips back "you are a regional trinket at best."

It seems to all be in good jest however, and doesn't end too badly; except for when Morgan quizzes the comedian on his current love-life, and he avoids the question like the plague.