It's not like a famous couple to rush into marriage, or anything. No, this is clearly a case of sheer, unbridled love - that you usually get snowballed in during the first months of dating.

In Touch magazine have come across with the following sentence which they gleaned from someone or other: "Courteney is already talking marriage. She gushes about Johnny all the time... They're very serious."

Riiiiiight, so Courteney's talking marriage. Johnny probably thought they were just having a larf. If he does end up married to the actress - and he should be so lucky - he'll have Ed Sheeran to thank. He may want to choose someone else to be his Best Man, however, as Ed might get himself hammered, diss the food, and then go on the nod by the pool.

You can track the trajectory of Courteney and Johnny's love via the below links, if you have some time on your hands.

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