If you were scrolling through your Instagram feed yesterday and had recently updated the app, you may have been both shocked and appalled to see... *gasp*... horizontal scrolling.

The social media giant decided to road test the feature on what they thought was a small-scale group, but actually went to way more users than intended, and they were not happy.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said that the feature was "supposed to be a very small test that went broad by accident. Should be fixed now. If you’re still seeing it simply restart the app. Happy holidays! ."

He also told a user on Twitter it was: "Just a test that went to a few orders of magnitude more people than intended... sorry about that."

He also tweeted: "Sorry for the confusion! Always trying new ideas, usually with a much smaller number of people…"

Despite the immediate rolling back of the update, there was still enough time for people to lose their minds on Twitter over the change: