Yes, there's a good chance you may be scratching your head and filtering that picture of a three-in-one again and again, wondering why it won't upload. You could even be putting thefinal touches to an epic Facebook rant about how you don't care about Taylor Swift's new album and McGregor / Mayweather at all.

Sadly, friends, these nuggets of social media will have to stay hidden for the next while as both Facebook and Instagram are currently offline. No official statement has been given by the social media giant, however the number of posts on Twitter as well as site uptime checkers have confirmed as much.

So far, it looks as though Facebook Messenger is still active, as is Whatsapp - however both apps and their Desktop counterparts appear to be offline, with no word on when they'll come up again.

In the meantime, please enjoy this .gif of a cat falling over while you wait for Mark Zuckerberg to get the finger out and fix things.