We bet this is just the beginning of what's to come...

If 2020 has told us ANYTHING, it's that this year doesn't count, right? Well, that's probably what Ryan Reynolds is hoping anyway.

For the past couple of months, both Hugh Jackman and Reynolds have been campaigning for charity - but with a catch. American retailer Sam's Club, who has a base in Australia, has had fans donating towards one of two very worthy causes.

If you chose to side with Aussie Jackman, you donated money towards his Laughing Man coffee foundation; while Candian Reynolds headed up the SickKids Foundation.

And so, the winner of the "competition" has been announced - and Jackman has come out the victor. As you can imagine, the Wolverine actor has a pretty smug reason to he happy with the outcome, as he got to deliver the news to his Deadpool frenemy.

Video calling "Bryan", Jackman was fairly blunt in delivering the result and only managed to stay on the call with him for around five seconds before hanging up. Harsh.

Here's the video reveal of Ryan Reynolds losing the competition, captioned with: "Quite literally, I have a legal obligation to post this."

We bet that this isn't the last we'll be hearing from these "feuding" friends.