The longest-running joke feud in Hollywood has added more fuel to the fire this week.

The frenemies are back on our screens once again, gifting us with yet another feud - but this time they're actually in the same room. Due to everything happening this year, Canadian Ryan Reynolds and Australian Hugh Jackman haven't been able to rip the piss out of each-other in person.

But thankfully, that has all changed this November, with the pair of them reuniting once again for a worthy cause. And also for one to lay into the other, of course.

In association with Sam's Club, an American membership-only retailer, Reynolds and Jackman are asking their fans to donate towards a worthy cause. But the actors are asking fans to choose a side.

Should you choose to side with Hugh Jackman, you will be donating towards his Laughing Man Foundation, which he founded, and goes towards coffee farming communities around the world.

And if Ryan Reynolds is the one you're going to side with, his charity of choice is SickKids Foundation, which tries to make sure every child is given a healthy life.

Two very worthy causes, no matter whose side people end up chooseing.

Here's the video, with a little introduction about their previous feuds in the past.