There's the 'Late Late Toy Show', of course, and then there's Christmas FM kicking off. While the former happens this coming Friday, Christmas FM begins broadcasting this coming Wednesday at 1PM and will have us jingling around the clock until December 27th.

As with every year, Christmas FM will be broadcasting across the nation, spreading seasonal cheer for all to hear, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Here's the frequencies you need to save on your radio, depending on where you are in Ireland.

Dublin City & County 105.2 FM
Cork City 106.7 FM
Limerick City 105.5 FM
Clare 105.2 FM
Galway City 87.7 FM
Sligo 95.0 FM
Kildare 88.1 FM
Kilkenny City 104.3 FM
Letterkenny 105.7 FM
North Midlands 101.6 FM
North East 99.4 FM
North Wicklow 99.5 FM
South Wicklow 106.6 FM
South East 103.8 FM
Tralee/Killarney 105.0 FM

It's also worth pointing out that you can also listen to Christmas FM online at and on Virgin Media Channel 900.

If this doesn't get played at some point, there's going to be trouble.