It just wouldn't be Christmas without it, would it?

Without the Late Late Toy Show, we wouldn't have such key moments as the little horologist, the little dude in the electric-car who basically told Ryan Tubridy to f*ck off and, of course, Dustin turning up and making a fool out of Pat Kenny whenever possible. Key moments in Irish television.

For the audience members, it's becoming almost like a lottery net-fall - with the amount of toys and goodies people raking in from the Toy Show being the stuff of legends. This, of course, makes tickets to the Toy Show especially coveted.

Last night, Tubbers announced how one can pick up said tickets and we've got the skinny right here.

Essentially, you need to follow this link right HERE and follow the instructions as you see them. Can't make it easier than that. The Late Late Toy Show is happening on November 27th at 9.35PM and, as always, promises to be bigger than last year.

We're visualising Tubber's sweater right now.