Jennifer Aniston came full circle on 'The Ellen Show' as she was the first ever guest on the show and yesterday, she was the first guest of the last ever episode.

Ellen admits that "it was a big deal" to get Aniston back in the day. The actor then returned for a total of 20 episodes over the course of Ellen's 19 year run. The pair got to reminiscing about the first time Aniston appeared on the talk show back in 2003 while 'Friends' was still on air.

At first, all Aniston could remember was what she wearing — an outfit she put together since she mentions "I didn't have a stylist, I wore a pair of Seven jeans and a white [tank top]". She recalls Ellen's style too, in her salmon coloured shirt, Aniston tells her "you had a golfer vibe goin' on".

It's been 19 years since Aniston was first on 'The Ellen Show' and 18 years since 'Friends' ended in 2004. In it's hayday, 'Friends' was the biggest thing on television and is still a beloved classic with a cult following.

Ellen goes on to ask Aniston about the ending of 'Friends' and what she did to cope with that chapter in her life closing. Aniston, after a deep breath, candidly remarks "well, I got a divorce and went into therapy" through some giggles.

"Oh and I did a movie called 'The Break-Up', I just kind of leaned into the end" the continues, to which Ellen responds "let's end everything". There is a bittersweet catharsis to the ending of such phenomenal eras, especially in this case, in television.

Ellen imagines she's going let her own show ending push her in a slightly different direction; she may back into stand-up and Aniston even tries to encourage her to get into acting.

Watch 'The Ellen Show' interview clip with Jennifer Aniston on Youtube.