As was reported earlier this month, Whatsapp made some big changes with their last update and now they've added some small ones for their latest one. 

The new update finally allows users to add formatting to their text. So you can now turn your texts bold, italicised or strikethrough. The update will come with version 2.12.17 for iPhones and 2.12.535 for Android handsets.

Formatting is not enabled by clicking a button, Instead it is hidden in the app, and turned on by including certain characters. Including asterisks around a message will make it turn bold. Putting underscores on each side will turn it italic. And surrounding it with tildes, ~like this~, will make WhatsApp put a line through it.

All of the features will work together, so you can surround a word with all three of the characters and have each of the formatting options applied to that word.

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