As was reported just a couple of weeks ago, a Scottish electrician working in Dubai has been facing charges of public indecency for touching off a man's hip.

Jamie Harron was arrested by police in UAE after he touched off German businessman Emad Tabaza as he was returning from a bar with an order of drinks. Tabaza contacted police to report the incident, but later then withdrew his complaint after he realised Harron was facing up to three years in jail for the incident.

UAE police, however, decided to continue with the complaint regardless. Today, Harron was sentenced to three months in jail for his crimes. The news was posted on Twitter by Detained In Dubai, a legal firm which specialises in civil and criminal justice in the region.

According to their tweet, Harron's legal team will appeal the decision. Harron released a video statement before his sentencing, stating that he was grateful for the public support and that he wanted "to be back in Scotland with my friends and family, sleeping safe in my own bed."


Via Twitter