Willem Dafoe's performance as the Green Goblin is the gift that keeps on giving.

Others, like James Franco, have tried to fill his boots (and those pants). But no one does Green Goblin like Willem Dafoe.

He's just so awesome at playing totally unhinged.

To give you a reminder, here's him terrorising the attendees of a festival in Times Square in 'Spider-Man' (the 2002 version i.e. THE BEST ONE).


Dafoe recently returned to our lives in 'The Lighthouse' opposite Robert Pattinson (in which he also played a deranged man).

And now he's a meme. As is his perfectly formed arse.

It all started when Rei/Nicole shared a screen grab from the superhero movie on Twitter.


Really, the memes were inevitable. And there was bound to be at least one referencing the coronavirus.