The BBC have dug around in their archives, and have managed to find this painfully awkward clip from an episode of 'Blue Peter'.

If you will, cast your mind back to the early 2000s. An all-female pop group by the name of Girls Aloud were currently tearing up the charts with hits such as 'Sound of the Underground' and 'Biology', and featured our very own Nadine Coyle and her strong Derry accent. Riding on their wave of popularity, the group took part in many TV stints in their early career, and this recently unearthed Girls Aloud video just proves how many painful appearances these manufactured music groups have to endure when they first appear on the scene.

Girls Aloud appeared on the BBC children's show 'Blue Peter' back in 2003 as part of Florence Nightingale's birthday, and saw the bandmates dressed up in old nurses outfits from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Looking absolutely livid (Nicola Roberts), and wishing the ground would swallow them up then and there (Kimberley Walsh), the five singers are wrangled into walking the show's catwalk donning various nurses attires, smiling through the sheer embarrassment they are clearly feeling.

When asked about her outfit, Nadine laughs through the pain by saying, "It's pretty big... and the shoes are really uncomfortable", while Cheryl says she might wear her nurses' cap if it were in a different colour... We reckon Girls Aloud wished this video never saw the light of day ever again.

And now, please enjoy the awkwardness that is children's TV.