Gavin's picturesque video was interrupted by a Dublin local, with the singer throwing it right back at him.

We've all seen the meme of "Tell me you're from X without telling me you're from X", or "Tell me that you're X without telling me that you're X", which normally leads to rather hilarious videos being posted on social media. And now Gavin James has joined in on the joke.

The Irish musician happened to be boating down the Liffey over the weekend, sunning himself and playing some guitar, when he was interrupted a perfectly-timed slagging.

Gavin tweeted his short video with the caption: "Tell me you’re from Dublin, without telling me you’re from Dublin.. Wait for it [crying laughing emoji]."

Here's the moment it all happened.

Whether the fine gentleman shouted "that sounded sh*te" or "sack of sh*te" or something else derogatory, it's hard to tell, but we're here for Gavin James throwing a retort back at the man.

We can't help but be reminded of this Virgin Media News broadcast (which was also filmed by the Liffey) from last summer.

In other non-heckling Gavin James news, the Dublin-born singer's latest collaboration with KOLIDESCOPES, 'All For You', was released earlier this year. His new song 'Sober' is due for release soon.