You've got to love live news reports, especially on Dublin's quays.

At any given time, there's any available opportunity for nuggets of unfiltered humour that can only be found on the streets of our nation's capital. It might be the man in the van refusing to wish Leo Varadkar a happy birthday, instead advocating for the striking nurses.

Or it might be two guys rolling past a Virgin Media news broadcast about a cocaine bust, which is interrupted with an exultation of cocaine itself by one of them. In all seriousness though, fair play to Paul Quinn for being an out-and-out professional and keeping it together.

You just gotta love Dublin sometimes. It's painfully cliche to say it, but you wouldn't get this kind of clip anywhere else in Ireland, never mind the rest of the world. The clip in question has since gone viral, being viewed on Twitter well over 200,000 times and has spread across Reddit via the r/ireland subreddit, too.

Take a look.