Cast your mind back to the summer of 2017, if you will.

Everyone was able to go on foreign holidays. Lockdown wasn't a thing. And everywhere you looked, people were talking about the utter shambles that was Fyre Festival. If you haven't yet watched the two documentaries - one from Hulu, the other from Netflix - on the doomed music festival, take the evening and soak them up because they're both fantastic.

Amidst all the truly hubristic adventures of Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, the doomed festival was churning out marketing materials to beat the band and even had merchandise ready and waiting to be sold to poor, unsuspecting fools, just desperate for the thinnest slice of the billionaire lifestyle.

Well, as we all know, Billy McFarland is currently doing six years in prison for wire fraud, Ja Rule is now a joke punchline, and the victims of Fyre Festival are finally getting some compensation in the form of an auction of merchandise for the festival, organised by the US Marshal Service.

A total of 127 items are currently up for bid, with hats, t-shirts and hoodies currently at bids of around $300 or less. Of course, the fraudulent festival is now but a mere memory, but these items are likely to have huge collector value. You can follow the auction and check out what's on offer right here.