Ja Rule, it could be argued, is having a moment - but not the kind you'd actually want.

First, there was the utter sh*tshow that was Fyre Festival. Then came the lawsuits, all of which named Ja Rule as co-founder in Fyre Festival. Then came the two documentaries which laid out in plain, unambiguous terms what a sh*tshow Fyre Festival was.

Now? Now, Ja Rule can't even get an audience at a basketball match hyped up to hear his music. The rapper was performing at a Milwaukee Bucks / Minnesota Timberwolves game, and as part of the promotion, tried to pass the thing off as a '90s night.

Except, y'know, Ja Rule's first album came out in 1999. So that's the first problem. The second problem came when Ja Rule tried to get the crowd "ready" for his music.

Watch as Ja Rule begins to realise that not only is this crowd not ready, but they never will be.

It gets worse.

As he runs through his hits, including 'Always On Time' and 'I'm Real', Milwaukee Bucks point guard Giannis Antetokounmpo decides to start warming up at the three-point line.

Before long, he's throwing a few shots and generally get into the mindset, all of which occurs in the middle of Ja Rule's performance. You've really got to admire the professionalism of everyone concerned here. Antetokounmpo's got to warm up, and Ja Rule has to get through his set.