Eh, ye little Bullock, where are you sloping off to? I know you feel left out 'cause you've not been featured in any Best Dressed or Worst Dressed lists created by any media outlets on the face of the planet this morning, and you weren't asked to be in the world's most popular selfie (it broke twitter and everything) - and you probably didn't get any pizza either - but we're still interested in what you are wearing...

C'mere 'til we have a look at you.

You look really lovely. It wasn't widely reported 'who' you were wearing because it doesn't look like anyone really gave a toss for some reason, but - after a bit of digging by lord Google - we see it's by McQueen.

Don't let the unprecedented level of indifference regarding your attire by the world's media get you down. You were in one of the biggest grossing film's this year, Sandy. Who cares that you didn't win Best Actress last night - Gravity won the most Oscars, and no one can take that away from you, d'you hear?