'Bel-Air' asks - what if Will Smith's iconic series had been made today?

Will Smith's 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' while hilarious, certainly had its devastating moments too, and was never afraid to "get real." Remember when Will get's shot at an ATM, and Carlton buys a gun? Well, this new fan-made rendition of the TV series takes that concept and brings it to a whole new level.

'Bel-Air' is a new fan-made trailer revolving around Will going to live with his uncle in Bel-Air. So far, so good - what's the difference you ask? Well, this version of Will lives in present day 2019, and moves to Los Angeles after getting involved with gangs in Philadelphia; he doesn't seem to get along with his cousins, and has to adapt to the new lifestyle.

Director of the trailer, mega-fan Morgan Cooper, took to Twitter to upload the video, and said "Like most 90’s kids, I grew up watching 'Fresh Prince'. Even as a kid, I always thought there was more to the story… so I decided to make this."

It certainly is a refreshing, contemporary take on the character that we've known for many years. It will be interesting to see if anything will ever happen with the project - there's definite scope for a new series in there somewhere.

Could this be the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' revival we've been waiting for? Let's wait and see what Will Smith thinks of it all first. Here's the trailer.