'Love Actually' has long become a Christmas viewing staple, so you would think at this stage our poor hearts could handle the site of Emma Thompson opening her Christmas present from Alan Rickman. But nope, it still breaks us every single time.

Thompson's character Karen spots a beautiful necklace in husband's Harry's pocket (that we know he went to great pains to get) in the weeks leading up to Christmas. When the time for giving presents arises, Thompson instead gets a Joni Mitchell CD, and in that one moment, she knows. She KNOWS. And it's so heartbreaking but also so utterly beautifully portrayed by Emma Thompson.

All soundtracked to the stunning 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell. Here it is again if you weren't watching last night:

What's worse is that the goddamn CD would have actually been quite a sweet gift given their earlier conversations if Rickman (RIP) hadn't been such a scoundrel.

Needless to say, those watching 'Love Actually' on RTÉ One last night also felt Thompson's pain as much as ever.