After Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson were caught on camera making fun of Donald Trump at a NATO summit earlier this week, it was all but certain that 'SNL' was going to have a take on it.

Sure enough, this week's Cold Open has Paul Rudd as French president Emmanuel Macron, Jimmy Fallon as Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, and James Corden as British prime minister Boris Johnson - and all of them sitting at the cool table of NATO, making fun of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

It's an OK enough sketch, but the real nugget is Paul Rudd's utterly ridiculous and outrageous French accent which you just know he started work on five minutes before the cameras rolled.

Not only that, James Corden's gutteral laugh as Boris Johnson is eerily similar to both his own and Boris Johnson's, so you know it's all just low hanging fruit.

Take a look.