As November slowly works its way along, firing so much news at us that it may seem overwhelming, here are two little puppos that are sure to help you forget all about your troubles, if only for a few minutes.

Dogs dressed up as pandas is now our new favourite Halloween costume. Ever Hell, let them wear it all year round we say, because this is just so damn cute that is sure to put you in the best of moods.

Was there a doggie competition for best Halloween costume this year? Well, better late than never, these two are the sure-fire winners of Halloween.

Get a load of these little dogs dressed up as pandas. Just look at how the second one comes bounding down that hallway. Magic.

If you want to watch this a few hundred times, there's no judgement here.

And to make your week even better, these doggies have their very own Instagram account.

Named Bradley and Chandler, these pet bloggers (their owners) work in fostering unwanted pups, ensuring that other little ones are placed in caring homes. We're not crying, you are!

Here they are all kitted out in their best suit and tie affair.

They even have their own portraits. We're not crying, you are!