Now that the spooky season is drawing to a close, there's been enough horror in our daily lives that Hallowe'en may seem like a non-event.

If, however, you happen to have a dog or dogs in your life, no doubt you've toyed with the idea of putting them in a silly or desperately cute costume this weekend. If so, please send us those pictures because if there's one thing we cannot get enough of around these parts, it's dogs in costumes.

With that in mind, here's some of the best dog costumes we've seen on Twitter this Hallowe'en season. It doesn't matter if they're elaborate, if they're topical, or even if they're really simple, they're all just great.

Take a look.

Right off the bat, this is so SIMPLE and yet so CUTE. Fantastic. 890 years out of ten.


Paddington may be cute, but is he this cute? Doubtful. Very doubtful.


Hyper-specific costumes are our particular favourite. Heimdall from 'Thor: Ragnarok', you say? Absolutely. Heimdall sees all, but also sees treats in his future. Coraline from 'Coraline', complete with blue hair? For sure.


If things were somewhat normal, there is no end to the number of people who would have dressed up as either Carole Baskin or Joe Exotic from 'Tiger King' this year. This dog, however, puts them all to shame.




Look, the truth is you could put any dog in a wizard's costume and we'd love it. Is it the hat? Is it the cape? No idea. Still, what a costume.


For sheer ingenuity, these two takes the absolute (dog) biscuit. Well done to all involved. Anyone for a glass of Coke?


Sorry, don't know how this real-life image of a ghost got mixed in with all the rest of these. Will delete now.