The good doctor has been given the "harshest" term allowed under the terms of his arrest. Although exactly how much of that he'll spend behind bars is open to debate.

ABC News has just reported: "Judge Michael Pastor called Murray's treatment of Jackson a 'cycle of horrible medicine' and 'medicine madness.' Jackson's parents and siblings Jermaine, LaToya and Randy were present at today's sentencing, but did not speak, instead allowing family friend and attorney Brian Panish to read a statement on behalf of the Jackson's three children and family. In the statement, Michael Jackson's children told the Los Angeles court that they lost their 'father, best friend, and playmate' when the singer died, but stressed they were not seeking 'revenge'. The family statement then asked the judge to "impose a sentence that reminds physicians they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder... As Michael's parents, we never imagined we would live to witness his passing. There is no way to describe the loss of our beloved brother, son, father and friend.' Judge Michael Pastor began the proceeding by rejecting a motion by Dr. Conrad Murray that cameras be evicted from the courtroom during his sentencing."

Lisa Franklin, who was a juror, told Good Morning America that it was clear Murray did not having the necessary safeguards in place when things went wrong. "The three biggest things for us were the 911 call, not calling 911. That was a big issue, and not having the medical equipment in the room to put somebody under sedation and leaving the room."

"I told them to be prepared for probation," Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman told as the sentence was handed down.