Ah, so she wasn't just moaning about Ashton, she was moaning about the fact that her daughters failed to show any allegiance after he humiliated her on their 6th wedding anniversary by cavorting with some blonde at a party.

Yesterday we mentioned that Tallulah, Rumer and Scout, were thinking of getting a restraining order against their mother 'cause she kept banging on about Ashton. Now it seems her daughters appear to be even more fickle - you know - based on the steadfast information I've gleaned from the internet…

Today, a source told website RadarOnline: "The girls have all stayed friends with Ashton, and that is infuriating Demi. Ashton cheating on Demi humiliated her, and when she got out of the relationship she thought she was setting a good example for her daughters, so when they stayed close to Ashton it devastated her."

She said at the time: "As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life."

However, Ashton has remained active in the lives of all of his step-daughters, attending con-certs that they've performed in and supporting them through Demi's substance abuse troubles.

The friend added: "She doesn't understand how they could stay close with Ashton after he humiliated her and she's asked them to stop talking with him but they refuse. Demi can't let that go and can't get over it, so she constantly attacks the girls for staying friends with Ash-ton. They've had it with her over that."

On the one hand, Demi should understand that her daughters might want to have contact with the man they spent six years of their lives with, on the other hand, he's an arsehole. Then again, it's strange that all three daughters are of the same opinion. And then again, I've spent far too much time on this when really it's just a ruse to plug the film Demi's currently shooting with Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen.