And you thought the overbearing mother-in-law was the worst thing ever, constantly proffering her parenting techniques, along with her "they didn't have that in my day"isms. "Sure motherhood nowadays is a walk in the park comparably, hah!" I've said too much...

A source spouting off to Radaronline said: "Demi has offered to help in any way that she can with the baby and with Mila... Things have settled down a lot, and she wants to be there for Ashton's family." By "settled down a lot" they mean she's been to rehab to get over the break up after dealing with the news he cheated on her with a waitress on their wedding anniversary. Oh and her daughters decided not to get that restraining order they were apparently considering.

Despite being "the ex wife", Demi is proposing to charge around very dicey territory. Nothing quite gets the heckles of a new mother up than someone who's had a full nights' kip sticking their oar in - especially when they obviously know best. That said, it really depends on the person in question. If that person is someone who swoops in and says - "Here, take a break, I'm here for the next few hours. Go wash yourself" then that's just beyond fabulous.

If, however, said person instead adds to your already domineering day - demanding your attention, along with several cups of tea and a litany of latent criticisms then you can f*** right off with yourself.

Via The Independent