Just three weeks is all it took for Elon Musk to single-handedly oversee the implosion of one of the biggest social media platforms.

In case you're not already aware, Twitter is going down. Topics trending on the platform at the time of writing include "#RIPTwitter", "Titanic", "#TwitterDown" and most excitingly "Tumblr". Yes, let's all relive our emo teenage years and jump right back onto Tumblr.

Since Tesla billionaire Elon Musk and all of his shadiness took over the often hilarious (just look at the Tweets below) social media platform, he's greenlit a number of heinous actions which has seen the website literally begin to destroy itself from the inside.

After his flat as a pancake joke of "bringing in the kitchen sink" on his first day at Twitter headquarters, it seems that yes indeed, he really did sink this 16-year company, which he bought for $44 billion in October.

Following a mass firing of employees last week, a mass exodus from the website by many users and celebrities, Musk blocking anyone who spoke out against him, as well as a high rise in the number of fake accounts plagueing the site and tweeting fake information - it's all gone a bit mad, to say the least.

Weirdly, well not that weirdly in fairness, the nail in the Twitter coffin has been confirmed by Elon Musk himself, who tweeted this well-known meme but edited it by using the company's logo.

Just yesterday, he gave remaining employees an ultimatum after temporarily closing all of the Twitter offices: either work "long hours at high intensity" or pack your bags. Naturally, many workers have decided to quit.

If all Elon Musk is doing on Twitter is creating memes and tweeting out pirate flags, it's a sad day for those people who have had to resign due to this big baby overlord.

In response, the San Francisco headquarters projected some hilarious desciptions of Musk onto the side of their building, including zingers such as "petulant pimple", "dictator's asskisser", "insecure colonizer" and one that we giggled quite a bit at - "space Karen".

When moments like this happen, all we can do it laugh, right? Here's some of the best reactions to this shitshow.

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