With the news of Tesla-owner Elon Musk's accepted $43 billion bid for the social media company, users on Twitter are having their say.

With Musk's weight behind the bid, which has been rumbling on for weeks now, it almost seemed inevitable that the entrepreneur would eventually get his way. Monday evening the news was confirmed and Twitter will now switch over to being a privately-owned business.

And it wouldn't be the Twitter we know and love without some extremely funny takes on the buyout.

How about the idea that Musk could just switch the whole thing off? There's surely a big red button in Twitter HQ somewhere.

However, certain sections of Twitter have also made clear their disapproval for Grimes' ex-boyfriend taking over the site. It could even lead to masses logging off for good.

Some believe that Musk's takeover may lead to disinformation and hate speech flourish under the guise of "free speech". Musk has long been tweeting controversial views and has previously come under fire for tax evasion.

But Musk himself hopes that all his critics stay on Twitter despite his takeover. Definitely because of free speech and not because a dip in users immediately after his takeover would be a bad thing.

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