As the sun continues to shine and we begin to slowly edge out into the real world, one of the best places to escape for our houses these days has been the great outdoors - whether that's been a walk in your local park, or sunbathing out in your back garden.

Embracing the great outdoors that is their back gardens, Jimmy Kimel and Dakota Johnson, who are next-door Californian neighbours, decided it was about time that they spoke as any good neighbours would do - over the fence. And Jimmy's Dakota Johnson interview is certainly one to take a look at.

Donning a luminous pink ball gown dress, with ruffles so big on her shoulders you could use them as floatation devices, Dakota talks to Jimmy while watering her garden. And to be honest, this is quite the odd yet welcoming interview - and nothing like that painfully awkward Ellen one from last year.

The pair of them discuss pretty much everything you would expect next-door neighbours to talk about - from what they're having for dinner, to Dakota's dog breaking into Jimmy's yard, to her dress smelling like feet. Lovely.

Dakota has been busy promoting her new movie 'The High Note' of late, which arrives on demand this weekend. If the '50 Shades of Grey' actress has caught your interest, then be sure to check out our recent interview with her right here (we also caught up with the one and only Ice Cube too).

Here's the oddly charming Dakota Johnson interview for you.