So often is the case that interviews on shows like 'Ellen' and 'Graham Norton' are rehearsed and planned out to a tee.

Celebrities literally do pre-interviews where every joke, story and anecdote is made clear and refined, so that producers know when to cue up images or clips. This, however? This is pure truth.

This is as close as you're going to get to seeing a real-life talk between two people who don't seem to like each other very much happen in front of cameras. Take from it what you will, of course, but you definitely get the sense that Dakota Johnson is just sick of Ellen's bullsh*t, to the point where she's not going to play along with her banter.

Not only that, Ellen didn't even have a good excuse for not going to Dakota Johnson's 30th, so what then? Well, they stumble through the rest of the interview, with Johnson pointing out that it clearly isn't going well.

Of course, the question you have to ask is who's making it awkward? Maybe it's Ellen, for trying to poke at Dakota Johnson, or maybe it's Dakota Johnson for not taking Ellen's poking in stride. Either way, the tension is thick between them and it's kind of brilliant to see it play out when so many of these shows and interviews seem so forced and trite.

Strap yourselves in for five and a half minutes of awkward conversation. It's... a lot to process.