We would've preferred it if they'd been in a state of undress, drunk, or dancing provocatively (not asking much), but we'll just have to make do with them grinning wildly in a car (until you scroll down slightly and see the one of her wandering around with a rose).

Well, Courteney's grinning wildly in a car, McDaid's a bit more "seriously, this is my life now?" - that or she just told him she's pregnant. It's our job to spread rumours.

Moving on, we had pointed out a few weeks back that they were dating, so now it's official. They were just larking about Beverly Hills during the week, getting papped furiously along the way.

Courteney has Ed Sheeran to thank for her latest relationship, what with him being Johnny's flatmate. Seemingly they've been dating for 2 months, but poor Ed had to keep shtum:

"I wasn't allowed to talk about this, actually, but it's just gone public so... My housemate [Johnny], who I have lived with for a year, I introduced him to Courteney and they started dating - now they're crazy about each other. I ended up spending a lot of time living in her beach house and therefore bumping into all these random people. We spent Thanksgiving eve at Jennifer's before spending the day at Courteney's. I passed out... she has this crazy house with a big staircase that goes down to the pool. I had drunk a bit too much and needed a time out, so I went down and laid on one of the beds outside by the pool and passed out there."