No doubt many of you - like us - were slightly enamoured by Stanley Tucci's ability to make Negroni, and it's since become internet-famous.

The humble cocktail - made up of a double-shot of gin, or maybe vodka, some sweet vermouth (not Martini) - has been Tucci's gift to the world since it was posted at the beginning of pandemic lockdown. Indeed, it's coming up in every interview during the press tour for 'Supernova', the upcoming drama starring Tucci and Colin Firth.

With that in mind, Stephen Colbert brought up the topic of Tucci's Negroni and quizzed Firth on it, as Tucci's made him one. "I feel drunk with power, you see, because I've tasted it and the internet hasn't..." Firth declared. "It's exquisite. It's what kept me coming 'round to Tucci's bungalow."

As well as this, Firth and Tucci discussed driving around Italy together and, of course, Tucci's equally famous cookbooks of Italian food. By all accounts, however, the two of them need to get a TV series ala 'The Trip' where they drive around southern Italy, stop off and eat food, and get lightly pissed on good wine and cocktails.

Here's the interview.