If we get anything out of the current situation, it's learning that some celebrities are quite simply better than others.

For every Ellen DeGeneres comparing living in a millionaire pad to jail, there's something like this. Namely, Internet Boyfriend and veteran character actor Stanley Tucci teaching people how to make the perfect Negroni.

Anyone who's worked behind a bar will tell you that Tucci is experienced and knows how to make a good Negroni - although you shouldn't really shake a Negroni.

However, his ever-so-slight disparagement of Martini is dead on and the measurements seem right, if a little generous. Not only that, the calm and considered pour at the end is clearly from years of experience.

Not only that, you can enjoy the silky-smooth jazz music in the background or just daze out listening to the real star of 'Spotlight' make patter as he makes a drink.

Here's the full video.