You've got to imagine that celebrities who appear on 'Ellen' surely give each other the heads up regarding the customary jump-scare.

It's happened way too often now for anyone to be caught unaware, but still, they still manage to catch a few out here and there. Case in point is Claire Foy, who was on the show to talk 'First Man', having a few drinks at the Golden Globes, her bowl haircut for 'The Girl In The Spider's Web', and - of course - getting the bejaysus scared out of her.

Take a look.

To be fair, it's absolutely terrifying to have a guy, dressed as the Queen, leaping out of a desk and roaring at you in the middle of a standard interview so the blame isn't on Claire Foy, it's on how people still keep getting caught out.

Still, good job by Ellen for keeping a completely straight face when it happens.