Cillian Murphy is lending his voice to the meditation app Calm.

The 'Peaky Blinders' star follows the likes of Harry Styles in narrating a bedtime story on the app.

Calm has recently become renowned for its "sleep stories".

The short fictional stories take listeners on a meditative journey typically narrated by celebrities.

According to the app: "Sleep stories are soothing tales that mix music, sound fx and incredible voice talent to help you drift into dreamland."

They are designed to distract listeners from their racing thoughts without keeping them too alert.

Murphy's narration takes listeners on a train ride in a story titled 'Crossing Ireland by Train', written by Phoebe Smith.

A piano gently plays in the background as Murphy describes his "home country, Ireland" as a land full of rich heritage, "fantastic folklore" and "storied landscapes", that have inspired poets, artists and writers across time.

Listeners travel throughout the country by imaginary train as the actor describes the surroundings.

"Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, as our story begins at the waterside railway station on the edge of the River Foyle in Northern Ireland," he whispers.

You can listen to the first couple of minutes here.