He may be known as the Godfather of Punk, but Iggy Pop is really just a big softie - at least when it comes to dogs.

The iconic musician has taken part in a new series by The New Museum in New York, which sees famous faces reading short stories.

Pop tells the story of his beloved dog Tromba, beginning with how they met 'across a deserted highway'. "I picked you up and put you on my lap and thought about keeping you," he says, "and in less than a minute I was covered in fleas.”

He goes on to talk about his love for Tromba, but be warned - it doesn't end well. In fact, even if you're not a dog lover yourself, you might find yourself with watery eyes by the end.

Future readings will include pieces by the likes of Michael Stipe, David Byrne and more.

Hear Iggy Pop's one below: