We've all been doing some pretty daft things while staying at home in the past few weeks, from giving ourselves a radical style change, to baking non-stop banana bread - it's important to fill our time with some anomalies.

And celebrities have been doing exactly that too. 'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey decided to give her fans a questionable make-up tutorial, while Jake Gyllenhaal has been making sourdough bread and singing to his heart's content. Oh, and Chris Evans gave his dog a truly awful haircut.

That's right, Captain America made it his duty to attempt to give his doggie Dodger a recent trim, but it ended up being a terrible idea. Here's the proof if you don't believe us.

The new Instagram user has now explained what the hell happened to him on this faithful morning. Discussing the clipping disaster to Jimmy Fallon, the Chris Evans dog haircut attempt was not the first time he had given Dodger a cut, and he overestimated how good his skills had become after only doing it once before.

He explained: "I have done it once before, right when quarantine began. I gave him just a little bit of a trim, just with a little bit of timidity - and it was great!

"And so I got a little confident and put on a shorter attachment, and it just... exploded in my face. And I kept trying to fix it but eventually, I was like 'I just gotta cut my losses'."

He then went on to give Jimmy Fallon some tips for grooming his own dogs, which we're not so sure will result in the best outcome...