As we're all painfully aware, being indoors will lead you to do and try things you normally wouldn't bother with.

Baking bread or slow-cooking a roast? Sure, you've got time. That book that's been lying on your shelves for years? Read it from cover to cover like you always planned. For actors and celebrities, it's no different and for Jake Gyllenhaal, it's singing like he's in some kind of musical.

The actor / dreamboat is taking part in 24 Hour Plays, an initiative that sees actors either, write, recite and perform some new work in the space of just twenty-four hours. Actors like Sienna Miller, David Cross, friend of The Filum Show Patrick Wilson, and Rita Wilson all have taken part - and now it's Gyllenhaal's turn.

His bit? Performing a musical love song on Instagram written by playwright David Lindsay-Abaire and Tony Award-winning composer Jeanine Tesori. Yes, it's a little bit cringey, yes he's clearly giving it way too much effort than he probably should have, and yes, it's exactly the kind of wholesome energy needed in the middle of all this.

Not only that, this is the perfect audition for some big-budget musical that he's invariably going to be cast in after the entertainment industry restarts.

Take a look.