Charlie Sheen is allegedly helping Lindsay Lohan pay back her debts... which is nice. As long as there's no strings hanging about.

The former Two And A Half Men star reportedly sent the 26-year-old a cheque for $100,000 to cover almost half of her hefty tax bill after they "bonded"while filming Scary Movie 5 together. You know, after she managed to bring herself to kiss him, after "freaking out" and "missing filming."

A source close to the Liz & Dick star told TMZ that she and Charlie became "very close" while filming the movie in September and talked about everything including her substantial debts.

The 47-year-old father-of-five - who was recently accused of being back on drugs and spending $2,000 on cocaine every day - is said to have instantly offered to write her a cheque to help her out and she declined.

But according to insiders, she was overjoyed when he sent the generous cheque directly to her business manager last week and immediately used it to pay off a huge chunk of her $233,904 tax bill.

The actress - who has been arrested six times to date, checked in to rehab five times and whose probation is tipped to be revoked in the near future after she allegedly lied to police officers about being behind the wheel of a car during an accident in June - is reportedly set to earn more than $2 million by the end of this year from her movies, Playboy shoot and promotional tweets...

Anger Management star Charlie - who has been in rehab five times - topped the Forbes list of highest paid actors on TV last year after making $40 million.

He failed to make the top ten this year. Ashton Kutcher took the number one spot...