Finding out they were dating was one thing. Then there was the engagement announcement, which was liiiidle hard to take... Now they've after going through with it... in Vegas, no less. Charlie Brooker - under the bright lights of Las Vegas, where the constant sound track consists of slot machines going mental, Celine Dion, and obese participants munching their way through anything within reach - got married in Vegas.

As with the prior announcement of dating and engagement, further news of their relationship came from Konnie Huq's quarters. In a recent interview with the uber reputable Look magazine, the 35-year-old screen fodder chirruped: "We're not opposite attract as people think. We've known each other for years. We met at the Edinburgh Festival and always got on well. I've got more of an evil sense of humour than people realise and although Charlie's job is to be critical, he's more of a softie than you'd think."

NARGH, just stop it. Stop it right there. I'm thrilled to hear you're evil, at least you claim to have some edge (which has yet to come to the fore in the Xtra Factor... to quote Alicia, "She's no Holly"), but I really hope you didn't call Charlie "a softie" without his consent. That's almost akin to the "golden balls" incident.

Of the wedding itself, a "source" speaking with The Mail on Sunday said: "Charlie didn't want a big, tacky celebrity wedding because he doesn't see him and Konnie as a celebrity couple. They are very much in love but when it came down to it, he wanted the wedding to be low-key. He is finding it hard to accept the level of interest in their relationship. If it was up to him, they would lead a totally private life, enjoying playing PlayStation games at home together and eating in."

D'you know what, until there's a photo in circulation of both of them appearing jovial, I'll choose to believe that Konnie is but holding a blow up doll - sporting a hastily honed Charlie Brooker mask - hostage in her attic, surrounded by fluffy toys skewered with Blue Peter badges. That's makes much more sense. Yep, yep, much more sense, far more comforting.