Hollywood continues to mourn this morning, as another one of their icons passes away. The 89-year-old died of a "massive stroke" at her New York home.

Speaking via Entertainment Weekly, Bacall's The Mirror Has Two Faces co-star Barbara Streisand said: "What a terrible loss for us all. First Robin who was a genius and now Lauren. It was my privilege to have known her, to have acted with her, and to have directed her. And, most of all, to have had her as a wise and loving friend. She was an original. Even with all those great films we can visit again and again, she will be missed."

Seth McFarlane, who'd recently recruited Bacall's smouldering (the only time you ever get to use the word 'smouldering' is when discussing Lauren Bacall) vocal prowess, added: "Lauren Bacall’s life is a life to be celebrated. I am told her last performance was on Family Guy. For that we are forever honored and privileged. Thank you, Lauren, for teaching us all how to whistle."


Screen legend Lauren Bacall has passed away